Version 0.0.2 is here

Have done a few changes to some gameplay mechanics and added some

placeholder “graphics”. Have also added a few new obstacles and themes.

Big changes:

  • The height of the double jump has been nerfed.

  • The upgrade jump power now only affect the double jump. So the first jump also will be the same height so it works with some obstacles.

  • Changed how ground elements spawn, a little buggy still.

  • Resized the enemies so they are easier to jump over.

  • Added a theme that makes coins to super coins. That are worth a lot more score.

  • Made a button that reroll the theme 2 times. You are able to reroll more with space.

  • Added a few new obstacles. One of them has a blue target on the ground, that can be shoot to move the obstacle to the other side.

  • Added a test for knockback instead of instant death when taking damage. Character now die when they go offscreen (3 hits)

  • Changed so enemies dies when there bullet hits a character to remove occasionally characters get hit by bullet then enemy.

Small changes:

  • Added scrolling background.

  • Normal ground now spawn some random environment graphics.

  • Added UI for ammo amount with player names.

  • Changed how enemies check player should fix a bug when player changes places.

  • Added character and enemy“art”.

  • Some tweaks to start menu.


Project UpsideDown 0.0.2 11 MB
Jul 07, 2017
Project UpsideDown 0.0.1 11 MB
Jul 01, 2017

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