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Project Upside Down is currently a early  prototype, but hopefully it will become a complete game. 

Each play true is divided into different rounds. You can choose from a preset of rounds or choose the amount yourself. At the beginning of each round the game will choose a random theme. For example: More enemies. That will increase the percentage for enemies to spawn.

The round ends when one of the characters dies. 

At the end of the round you get score for time, coins, enemies killed and in multiplayer there is an win/lose score. The score you get can be used to buy upgrades for you characters for the next rounds. The current upgrades are double jump, higher jump and a slam skill (to stomp enemies). 

The game currently have single player and local multiplayer. In single player you control both characters and the only current goal is to get the highest score.

The single player can be played in as co-op but I hope to add a specific co-op mode with some different functions.

Multiplayer is a competition and the winner of each round gets a bonus and the loser gets a penalty. The winner is the player with the most total score. 

Install instructions

Download. Un-zip. Enjoy


Project UpsideDown 0.0.3 12 MB
Project UpsideDown 0.0.2 11 MB
Project UpsideDown 0.0.1 11 MB

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