A downloadable game for Windows

Only had a few hours free this weekend, but managed to put something together. There is no sounds, but use your imagination :)

This game is a endless runner where you have to type what to do. Avoid obstacle and pick up coins, you get score when picking up coins and for every obstacle you dodge.

There are five commands:

  • left = Strafe left
  • right = Strafe right
  • stop = Stop staring
  • Jump = Jump….
  • Start = Start the game

Programs used:

  • Unity 2017 - Game engine
  • Visual Studio - Coding
  • Paint.net - Images and textures
  • Autodesk Maya - Modeling
  • Adobe Mixamo - Rigging and animations

Install instructions

Download - Un-zip - Play


Endless Typer.zip 14 MB
Endless Typer Source Code.zip 39 MB