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The world has ended, the armies of darkness has taken over.

You work in the power control room in one of the few bunkers. But the power system was never completed. The bunker need more power then it can make.

Your job is to keep critical systems going without overloading them, while trying to keep the moral of the survivals up.

How long will you keep the bunker alive?

Gameplay info:

Divide the power on the different systems.

Critical systems needs to have power over moral drops. Secondary systems will help on moral if they are powered.

If moral drops to 0 the people revolt.

Be careful not to overload the a system. When they overload they shut down for a few seconds and locks the power giving to it during that time.

The bunker can come under attack. Then you have to activate the defences else the bunker takes damages. If the bunker health reaches 0 the bunker gets destroyed.

The optionals systems are there to help you. Use reachers to rechears better power systems (gives 1 power point per completion) and repair fixes the base.

There is two game mode Endless and a two minute time attack. Each with high score.

This game was made for a 48 h game jam. So it not very balanced.

//Added a new version with some bug fixes

  • Fixed high score display on game end.
  • Fixed secondary power bar visual bug.

Install instructions

Download - Un-zip - Play


Bunker Manger 2.0 14 MB

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